Tuesday 22 April 2014

Day 2: Saturday 19 April.

Ian tells it: We spent some time organising the cars and tools, had breakfast at a delightful roadside stall - pork, rice, beans, and coffee - and set out up Highway 1, looking for accommodation near Namtok Chet Sao Noi National Park. We found an apartment block with hotel rooms and secure parking south of the park. The plan is to stay here a day or two till John arrives. We can leave the Dodge and exploring in the Cruiser. We honed our navigation skills and ventured out to the nearby national park. It is the end of the dry so the trees in the park are distressed and have lost most of their leaves waiting for the rains and the end of the heat like everything else. A short walk into the waterfalls was all that was on at midday, with all birds, animals, and humans seeking refuge from the sun.

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