Tuesday 27 May 2014

Bill’s Whippet

Bill and his Whippet deserve a special posting on the blog. You see, while Ian’s Dodge represents a loving rejuvenation over many years, with a brand new paint job and careful testing of every component, Bill’s Whippet represents, to Bill, a collection of mechanical components that are replaceable, reparable, interchangeable, renewable, re-arrangeable, by-passable, adjustable, bendable, straightenable, disposable, glueable, invertable or re-machinable, all hanging behind a well-worn Willys Overland badge, over the leaping Whippet logo on the grill.

He has now had the head off five times. After finding that he had the spark plug leads in the wrong order, at least it found the power to climb up a hotel driveway, but the mountainous road that leads to and from Tibet was too much. There is a chronic leak from the head gasket into the cooling system. Hours have been spent in first gear at 5 km/hr, and the snatch strap came out to tow him on the way to Lugu Lake.

Has the time come for the Whippet to see the vet? Stay tuned.

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