Thursday 29 May 2014

Xichang and the art of Whippet maintenance

The Whippet (its name is Stan) needed major surgery. The local engine block man could not be persuaded to machine the block, instead providing a copper spray to try to patch the leak. That and two gaskets together haven’t worked.

But he has a mate! Out comes the snatch strap and Stan the Whippet is hauled to the specialist. All day Sunday Bill and a team of eager young mechanics prise open the now hardened gaskets to get the head off, then expertly cold-weld and plane the block. They relieve the sump of about 80 years of accumulated effluent, and they knew a bloke who could flush the radiator without damage.

Total bill for the weekend, about $260. Ian reckons Bill is so tight that he waited until he got to China to get the job done cheap.

Wippet maintenance is an art, and the photo shows Bills team of artists: Guo Jian, Bill, Yao Peijun and Xie Wencheng.

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