Saturday 25 April 2015

Learning po-pycckue

The B2B participants, Michael, Misha, John and Vanya, Ian and Rex, have been testing Marina's patience as we have all been trying to learn how to conjugate verbs and get a basic vocabulary in Russian since returning to Australia. This is so that we can ask directions through the Stans and other ex Russian republics and Russia, of course, in preparation for B2B Part 2. The results are mixed but we have all enjoyed the introduction to the language, food, culture and the vodka. Soon we will be able to do the blog in Russian.

In between lessons, any spare moment has been occupied filling in countless itineraries and forms for visas and LOI (letters of invitation) to get us on the road again. The best question to date is my mothers maiden name and my last educational institute.

See you soon

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