Tuesday 12 May 2015

A blessing for the road

May your steering be bold and your conrods all hold

As you beep at the Jeeps on the way

And 'though people make jokes at your old wooden spokes

For the codgers in Dodges, Hooray

With thanks to M&S


  1. Thanks for the spiritual reference all is well in Almaty the hills are still standing proud behind the city and are a rich green with snow capping.

  2. Its been a while since a post Ian.

  3. Priv-yet Bill, Ian, John and crew. Have a safe and breakdown free run through the stans. Will track your travels till I see you in Perm.
    Shis-li-va-va pu-ti !!
    da svi-dan ya.
    PS painstakingly translated from my Russian phrase book with apologies to all those who been taking the lessons.

    1. Can you put Shis-li-va-va pu-ti in Cyrillic script? I can't find a translation.

  4. Beautiful part of the World. Bits like Switzerland. Have a picture taken in 1995, but not sure how to get that in your comments records.
    Hope you get your cars soon. Talk to Elena if you don't. She can move mountains.


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