Monday 30 June 2014

Horace's PBs

Highest climb: 3800m

Climbs in a day over 3000m : 2

Distance travelled to 1 July : 11,000km (Ed. note: this is the Toyota's total; due to crew slackness there is no logbook evidence to credit Horace and Stanley with more than an estimated 9000km)

Breakages : 2 rear wheel bearings

Repairs : footbrake linings renewed

Longest day : 580km

Longest tunnel: 10.4 km
Longest descent : 45 km at 3.4 degrees including a circular tunnel then on bridges and road viaduct two lanes each way.
Biggest crowd puller : Hotan swarm and wooden wheels

Highest speed : 80 km/hr (downhill)

Punctures : 0

Dings: 1 - backed in to a wall , pushed a taxi

Narrow escapes : 100's in traffic at intersections when its a relative free-for-all from all directions.

Rewards : new points

Petroleum usage : about 7km/Lt

Coldest day : Snow on the Tibetan plateau and in Hexian corridor pass and south of Dunhuang

Best rain : Tropical downpour in Lao for 50km.

Drinks : China 93 octane fuel, clean and readily available.

Most Scenic spot : Lake Lugu

Best Lunch spot : smoked pork n noodles

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