Sunday 1 June 2014

Musuo Dance Club, by Rex

On our second night at Lugu Lake Gerry’s birthday dinner ended with an invitation by some local Mosuo people to join their dance night club. Curious, because the Mosuo's are Tibetan, we followed them to a dirt floored arena where 50 or so linked hands to line dance to traditional music circling a small fire. After some urging, Ian and Rex joined the group in a melodic dance and vocal competition, finishing with Rex being grabbed by six women and tossed up into the air like a paper doll. Pictured are two of the traditionally dressed dancers. In Northern Yunnan, close to the Tibetan Plateau, there are many similar minority communities. Despite language barriers the opportunity to mingle with theses beautiful, generous people will never be forgotten. RH.

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  1. Woud have liked to have seen the dancing and the tossing in the air. Surprised it took 6 Tibetan women to toss Rex in the air, it only takes 1 Aussie woman to do it!


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