Wednesday 19 August 2015

Saint Petersburg traffic

In a previous post, Driving in Russia, we praised Russian drivers. On the last 200 km into, and within St Petersburg we have changed our view. Many drivers from this splendid city, and its beautiful surrounding countryside, have expensive cars and drive them very fast, faster than their driving capability, and faster than is suitable for the quality of the road and street.

Todays road was the best so far, something like the Geelong to Warrnambool track, but it seemed that the entire population of St Pete was leaving town for the weekend. Outward bound they were bumper to bumper, thousands of them. And almost as many were on their way in, to fill the gap, and flat out, too fast and too close together. A rear-ender was inevitable and happened right next to the parked Dodge which was lucky to survive the evasive path of the next speedster.

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