Monday 8 June 2015

Government spying on it's own citizens!

In the team's escape from Kazakhstan, the Fixer used WhatsApp to communicate as he said that emails and phone messages are captured and recorded in Kazakhstan.

Imagine that. What sort of creepy, authoritarian government collects the phone and email records of its own citizens?

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  1. Hello,

    As a citizen of KZ and worker of telecommunication company I can say that they do not collect everything. More of them they do not have so powerful datacenters to keep and process all that information. They have access to central network routers but they use it for country security reason because of unstable political situation around the Kazakhstan. Phone recording starts only after key word like bomb, terrorism and etc. But one of the things that I disagree is blocking some internet blogs. They are blocking some extremist's blogs very messily and often with "bad" blogs we lose access to very interesting and useful resources.


    PS Thank You for Your blog. I hope that some of Your remarks will change something in mind of someone's from our government.


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