Saturday 15 August 2015

One planet: a Russian view

We have mentioned our Russian hitchhiker, Sergey. He travelled with us for a week as part of his mission to see his own country, hitch-hiking 8,000 km from the Black Sea to Lake Baikal.

Here is his view of our adventure together.

Hello my name is Sergey and I am hitchhiker from Gelendzhik (south part of Russia on the Black Sea). All my life I do not leave my region. But one day I decided that it is bad for me. I realized that I live in the biggest country in the world and do not see anything. I bring my bag go on the road and put my right hand up. My goal, visit more than 15 cites. And my destination, Lake Baikal.

After 8 days of my trip I stay on the road near Kamishin. Then I see one old car and I think that it is about 35-50 years old maybe, no more, so nothing interesting. Since couple of minutes I see another old car. Later one car stop near me open the door, I ask may I go with you, but one guy ask me too "do you speak English?". Like this start our combine trip.

Later, when we got acquainted, I asked the guys about the purpose of their journey, and why they travelled by historical cars. The answer was - "just for fun". I was deeply struck.

I was also surprised that the guys could stay both at the expensive hotels and just in a tent on the bank of the river. I was astonished by the fact that they were able to move around a lot of countries without knowing local languages. And, of course, I was astonished by their cars. It was a real holiday on the highway when we were passing by towns they attracted (like a magnet) people with cameras. They made everybody happier, and it was unforgettable to go by such cars!

I am very glad that I have met them. I think this meeting was useful for everybody. And the main thing that I have understood for myself is that it's not important where you are from - from Russia, Australia or any other country, we are all people and we live on the one and the same planet, and the only difference between us is the language, but this difference will disappear soon.

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