Sunday 15 June 2014

Crazy or courageous?

Clare Pegler is a Brisbane nurse who, in her spare time, rides a bike across continents. We shared a hotel in Zhangye with her group of 24 Canadians and Australians after a day of foul weather. They are camping and hotelling, en route from Shanghai to Istanbul! At least they have a couple of back-up vehicles to carry tents and luggage, but they will still be riding to Urumqi and west next to the Taklamakan Desert to Kashgar, then over the Pamirs through Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Turkey. We are now planning our first camp of the trip, with less than universal excitement.

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  1. Wow guys, the adventure continues and I am catching up for the first time since you entered China. I am reading things backwards here at America's favourite health food restaurant Maccas in Greenville, Illinois as we continue PJ Lingley's attempt to make the 3000 mile trek in the Race Across America RAAM in the 12 alloyed days. It is difficult sleepless and really made for extreme riders. PJ is a Firies from Sedona whose family I have known since the late 1960's. he is trying to raise funds for the Wildland Firefighters Fiundation which aid the families of injured/ killed firemen. PJ was friends with 19 firemen killed near a small Arizona town called Yarnell. The race crossed the fire sight and
    Graves and PJ gained great publicity for the Foundation. Otherwise it is a hard slog often in the back blocks of rural America making close kin with other competitors from around the world although I may be the only Ozzie rep in any capacity. I have related some of your endeavours to my fellow road supported - drivers like yourselves although not nearly as
    Challenging. We defitely relate to you're Brisbane cycling nurse and her band! But it. Is all retirement fun to me. Continue to enjoy life and these exploits and we
    Will see you back in OZ. spoke to Mary post Kimberlyslsst might. CheerThe transplantedYank/Aussie
    Gordo Harris


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