Monday 30 June 2014

Desert animals

The Qiemo museum had photos and listed local district mountain and desert animals to include wolf, snow leopard, camel, bear, ibex, lynx, mole, leopard, boar, eagle, owl and doves. We had seen what we thought must have been moles on the Tibetan Plateau. Any others seemed thin on the ground.

We saw several groups of camels on each of the desert stretches we drove. Their condition varied. Some resembled New Zealand stayers, all rib.

A pair of dogs, hunting together, had us wondering about origins. They resembled dingoes, but also fitted a description of a Chinese native Michael found in his extensive Wollombi library of canine natural history. Then again, they might just have just been pets gone feral. They were miles from anywhere and we saw no other prey, so they were definately tough.

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