Monday 30 June 2014

Note to readers: 1 July to 15 July

On Tuesday 1 July we cross into Kyrgyzstan and will be there for about 2 weeks. We are unsure of how often we will be able to access the internet as we will be camping in remote parts for most of the time.

You will be able to pinpoint where we are by going to the Delorme InReach GPS site, as described in the page about the "eye in the sky". ie, but there may not be any new posts on this blog until we get to Bishkek or Almaty.

You may be able to see the map of our planned trip here

Between Aktal and Kochkor we will be camping at the lake shown, Song-Kul, for about 3 nights. The route on the map shows us missing the lake, but that's not the plan.

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