Wednesday 15 July 2015

First impressions. Mike Leggo

Esteemed blog followers, many of you probably think that B2B is a daunting and uncomfortable expedition, full of perils, hardships and feats of perseverance. However, as a newcomer to the trip I have been sadly disillusioned to date.

We have been living in luxury for a week at the Urban Boutique Hotel in Tbilisi, looked after by very helpful staff (Natalia and Ana - see photos), eating fine Georgian food and drinking excellent local wine, enjoying the ambience and sights of Tbilisi, and a couple of us indulging in sulphur baths.

We have benefited from excellent and relatively inexpensive mechanical assistance in bringing the Toyota back up to scratch at Tegeta Motors, Tbilisi. Bill and Ian spent a number of days in a backyard working their independent magic on the Whippet and the Dodge in preparation for Russia.

After a very enjoyable week in Tbilisi, including a brush with fame with the Georgian National Television, we then partook of the hospitality of Emma at Emma's Guesthouse at Kazbegi in the Caucasus Mountains near the Russian border, where the scenery is stunning and the walking strenuous. Emma's place was like living in someone's house and she looked after us admirably, including breakfast and dinner. What a capable, no-nonsense woman.

And the hospitality, friendship and honesty of the Georgian people has been a revelation. So much for hardship - so far!! Next the Russian border.

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  1. Merrijig Marie17 July 2015 at 05:16

    Love the photo, hope you have more like this


Thanks for your comment. It's nice to see you sharing our adventures.